Together, with the helping hands of trade partners and volunteers, Hubbell Realty Company is Building 2 Cabins 4 Campers in 7 Days at Easter Seals’ Camp Sunnyside.  From September 16 – 22, we will work around the clock to bring Cabins for Campers 24/7 from concept to reality.

From Old and Outdated…

Easter Seals’ Camp Sunnyside campers, child and adult alike, couldn’t wish for a better camp experience.  From the welcoming staff, to sparkling Lake Cheerio and fun activities, Camp Sunnyside is a bright place to be.  However, the current cabins do not reflect the quality and gleaming reputation that Easter Seals is known for.  Used year-round for over 50 years, the cabins are not only outdated and well-loved, but detached shower facilities and storm shelters do not provide the accessibility needed by campers.

…To Bright, Brand New and Brilliant…

Hubbell Realty Company is working to make the Camp Sunnyside cabins shine like the rest of camp.  During Cabins for Campers 24/7, two 7,584 square foot cabins will be constructed to replace the current ones.  The new cabins will feature sleeping accommodations for 45 campers and 15 staff members per cabin.  Each cabin will have restroom and shower facilities, a secure storm shelter and a recreation room, providing ease of accessibility for both campers and staff members.

…Join us in making Easter Seals’ Camp Sunnyside an even sunnier place to be!